The Business Strategy People

Aepiphanni is the trusted advisor for business leaders who are seeking forward-thinking solutions to help them plan for and navigate through the challenges of business growth.
We are a results-oriented, client-focused firm that works with business leaders with the goal of creating innovative solutions to challenges they face, design tools, processes and systems to operate more efficiently and build a solid platform to grow the business. We believe in operating fairly, ethically and with integrity, putting our clients' needs ahead of our own, and accountability for our recommendations.
  • Founded: 2005

Fisher Business Management


A different kind of consulting service

We are small business consultants who work in affordable slices of time on your schedule.
Do you need a Human Resources manager a few hours a week? We are there. How about a marketing campaign? A streamlined accounting system? An operations reorganization? We do all that and more at a price that fits your monthly budget.
  • Founded: 2007

Management Advisory Group


Small Business Marketing Consulting

We help businesses reach their full potential in a cost-effective, focused and collaborative manner.
Our management consultants conduct a thorough and timely analysis of your business operations to identify the real causes (not only symptoms) of impediments to success and then help you develop and implement strategies and programs to make your business more efficient, effective and successful.

Picus Enterprises


Turning your business vision into reality

Picus Enterprises is a performance-oriented consulting company for small and medium sized businesses, serving Nassau County, New York and the Long Island Community.
We work with businesses of all sizes to transform their Business Vision into Business Reality. Using a combination of analysis, strategy, planning and implementation consulting techniques, we work with organizations to achieve their business growth objectives.
  • Founded: 2011

Small Business Advisory Group


Small Business Consulting Services

Small Business Advisory Group is a management consulting firm dedicated to assisting small, privately owned businesses be successful.
As a full-service management consulting firm, the Small Business Advisory Group delivers the experience and expertise of a large management consulting firm at much lower costs. Our consulting services are built for the kind of cost-effective, long-term, and responsive assistance that small businesses need.

Small Business Consulting Group


We offer small business consulting services in multiple areas.

Provides you with detailed information on how to start your new business or improve an established corporation
Carsten Werner is the founder of Small Business Consulting Group, he is an established business expert, self-starter and entrepreneur with a proven track record of successfully building, structuring and growing companies with global presence for 15+ years.